A work of art is, after all, a piece of one's soul. 


We stand for uniting people through the creation of harmony between artists and collectors, the fascinating and fascinated.

The elements of the word animus and anima are represented in our artworks.

We are bringing these elements into the modern world by making crypto art more accessible to a creative community which is open to everyone.

Animus is a Latin word meaning a man's rational soul. It is their sensibility, their desire, their courage, the soul's pride and its passion.

The word anima is used to convey ideas such as breath, spirit and vital force. 

Anima may also be considered as being the inner feminine side of a man's soul.

It is believed that, in order to achieve individuation, women and men must each get in touch with their anima and animus, respectively. In this way, one may rise above one’s thoughts of who they ought to be and accept themselves for who they really are and how they relate to the world.

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Opening Sequence The Kubrick by noCreative | Bloom

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